Published Book: 10 Quick Wins for Great Data Visualizations and Dashboards: From Dazzling Design to Stellar Storytelling


Do you find dashboard design challenging? Are you frustrated with poor stakeholder uptake? Most of all, would you like to learn how to improve this quickly and efficiently? Well, my dear reader, let me help you with that in this coffee break book.

Using striking design and memorable stories, we will gather best practise techniques to improve the uptake of your dashboards by end users, stakeholders and decision makers alike.

Effective communication of data is a tricky affair. Therefore, great data visualization is increasingly important to ensure that months (or even years) of sifting through data to generate insights are ultimately used to drive business decisions. Thus, with a keen understanding of the core principles and some practical examples, one can start to make sense of your data and your stakeholders can make sense of it too!

Although this book was written with a general audience in mind, some basic familiarity with data visualisation and data analytics would allow a deeper understanding of the content at hand. A quick glossary of definitions is provided at the start of the book. Additionally, the content of the book is structured in such a way that it should be immediately applicable to daily tasks.

P.S. This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to build a dashboard using any specific software, but rather a discussion of universal concepts that can be applied to any dashboard and how to effectively present your dashboard to stakeholders. All with the aim of creating great user experiences with your dashboard.

Ebook & Print Books

10 Quick Wins for Great Data Visualizations and Dashboards is available in eBook and print formats (paperback)! Hardcover coming soon!

10 Quick Wins for Great Data Visualizations and Dashboards

Data Science, Book, Data Visualizations, Dashboard, Design, Storytelling, Data, Short Read
  • At-a-glance, 10 Quick Wins for Great Data Visualizations and Dashboards discusses the following key topics from dazzling design to stellar storytelling including:
  1. How to craft your message and wrap it up into a compelling story.
  2. What go-to graphs to use and how to use them.
  3. How to create stunning dashboards with universal principles of design such as layout, colours, accuracy, salience, negative space and gestalt principles.
  4. How to put your message, story and design together to generate insight, facilitate uptake and drive data driven decisions.

10 Quick Wins for Great Data Visualizations and Dashboards has already featured in the Top 10 Best Sellers for Engineering References on Amazon!

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