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I am working through a few Microsoft certifications and in preparation for these I create my own summary pages which I convert to cheat sheets. These cheat sheets are posted on aRtVerse for free download! However, a click on one of my Data Science T-shirt Store links would be much appreciated to generate some traffic for these 😊

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Microsoft Azure AZ 900 CLOUD Fundamentals

I am in the process of converting my summary notes to cheat sheets and these are posted monthly on aRtVerse.

Here is a list of links to the current sheets:

  1. Cloud Computing Cheat Sheet #1
  2. Architectural Components Cheat Sheet #2
  3. Compute Services Cheat Sheet #3
  4. Container Services Cheat Sheet #4
  5. Network Services Cheat Sheet #5
  6. Storage Services Cheat Sheet #6
  7. Database Services Cheat Sheet #7

Microsoft Azure DP 900 Data Fundamentals

Once I have passed my exam you can be sure to look forward to a full set of these! I have opted to create them in as this is a lot easier to edit than the previous Canva ones (even though they’re not so pretty 😉)

Coming Soon!

CC-BY-NC 3.0 – Images are free to use for personal and non-commercial projects given attribution to Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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