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Welcome to aRtVerse!

The aRtVerse website, blog and stores are lovingly maintained by Dr Data in her alternate universe!

Blog: Current Opinion of Dr Tanzelle (PhD Biotechnology)

The Annals of Art, Nature & Science

Head on over to my award winning blog post section. Here I write about some personal musings, what it means to be a writer, science topics, nature conservation, genetics, cats, personal development, poems, drabbles, infographics as well as showcasing my traditional, digital, data art and graphic design experiments!

Run The Ink Dry, Drabble, Tanzelle Oberholster, aRtVerse, Typewriter, about writing, how to write, creative writing
Run The Ink Dry Drabble

Art & Design

Data Art & Graphic Design

Check out my T-shirt shops on Teepublic with designs catered to Data Scientist, Data Analyst and other Data Developers! I am experimenting with other art mediums and styles here too! See my ‘Shop aRtVerse Shirts’ for more details.

Natural Beauty, Ladies, Tank Tops, Dream Catcher, aRtVerse, Teepublic, Fashion, T shirts, Women Clothing, Unique Art, Feminine, Individuality, Fierce, Attitude, cotton, eco safe, biodegradable ink
Natural Beauty Ladies Tank Tops | Dream Catcher aRtVerse Teepublic
Various 100% cotton ladies t-shirts, printed with 100% biodegradable ink!

Social Responsibility

Quality Education & Environmental Awareness

I live and conduct myself in a way that supports both environmental and social responsibility. This extends to how I manage and source products for my aRtVerse stores and collections. You can find out more on my social responsibility page.

1984, History, George Orwell, Records, Rewrite, Rename, Repaint, Books, Pictures, Statues, Buildings, Burning, Date, Alter, Destroy, Falsify

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