Developer’s Dilemma: Build Me the Eiffel Tower – Rant

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When you are expected to be everything to everyone. When an individual is expected to be a diverse team of senior developers i.e., 6 – 8 people with 5-10 years of experience, preferably 100 years altogether! Including, but not limited to, each of the following: a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Statistician and Boss Mind Reader!

Here is a conversation between Expectation vs. Reality in this scenario:

Expectation: “You there, you know of the Eiffel Tower right?”

Reality: “Uh, yeah. I’ve seen it in photos and movies but I haven’t actually been to France to see it for myself”

Expectation: “Yes, but you can draw the outline of it?”

Reality: “I suppose” *proceeds to draw scribbled Eiffel Tower outline*

Expectation: *Looks at the drawing that somewhat represents the Eiffel Tower* “Ah great, I would like you to build me the Eiffel Tower.”

Reality: What!? Wait their having me on right? *Stares blankly at Expectation*

Expectation: “Oh, and we have not allocated any resources for this. But here is some paperclips and duck-tape lying around the office.”

Reality: “Oh” *big sigh of relief* “You want me to build a model…”

Expectation: “No, no don’t be silly. We want the real thing, we want it to be able to have people waking inside and elevators and glass windows the whole shebang. Oh, and if you can find a way to improve the structure, that’ll be great. And we need you to do it by next week.”

Reality: *Wailing inside* “But that’s not reasonable we don’t even have a plan, a vision, a strategy!”

Expectation: “It isn’t necessary to get so upset. We’ll just give you vague verbal instructions every week and you’ll be fine. Now off you go.”

*One week later*

Expectation: “Oh, we are so very exited to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Reality: *Scratches head* “Uh, yeah. About that – we haven’t started to build anything, because we have been researching how to get paperclips and duck-tape to hold the weight of humans – but we haven’t had much luck yet.”

Expectation: *Upset and disappointed* “That was not your directive! You were suppose to build the Eiffel Tower! Come on now – it’s so easy, anyone can do it. You are supposed to be able to do this anyway.”

Reality: *Having an existential crisis* “Stop treating me like some spoiled teenager complaining about not wanting to wash the dishes! Building the Eiffel Tower is not like washing the dishes!”

Expectation: “Calm down, I thought we talked about you not getting so upset.”

Reality: *Eyes twitching trying to remain in control of themselves* “Then we need people who have done this before, we need a plan and proper resources.”

Expectation: “Oh no, that costs money we certainly cannot afford that. You have your paperclips and duck-tape and another set of vague verbal instructions. So off you go.”

Reality: *Pulling on hair, about to lose it*

Expectation: “Oh, and before you go. We want it to spontaneously materialise prancing unicorns that serve rainbow cupcakes too.”

Reality: *Throws self off of a cliff*

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