PoI: Persons of Inspiration – Drabble

persons of inspiration, drabble, prose, literature, writing, inspirational, message, artverse, tanzelle oberholster

Sometimes in life, especially during dark times

someone, be it through a spiritual guide or divine intervention,

sends you a person of inspiration.

Their timely arrival may seem serendipitous,

a strange working of synchronicity.

They meet you during a chance encounter at the mall

or you happen upon their post in the ‘recommended’ section of your reader.

They speak the truth.

Words you need to hear,

not what you want to hear.

The message is delivered by kind hands


accompanied by strong encouragement.

To remind us that fulfilling dreams don’t always come easy,

else everyone would already be enlightened.

Thank you to all my earthly angels and spiritual messengers who stood with me at the abyss!

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Persons of Inspiration: May we find them, may we know them and may we be one of them!

Drabble: 100 words

Picture: Free-Photos @ Pixabay

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