Whispers from the Sea – Poem

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Shouting into the storm

Swallowed by my fury

Spilling onto the floor

All I was no more

How can you tell

where the pieces have fell

lost between the cracks

there is no turning back

The sound of waves crashing clear

as I leap into my fears

a plunge into the deep

into every essence they seep

Something standing so near

but to turn they simply disappear

the void loudly beckoning

yet I have had no reckoning

Through the darkness you must wonder

to see the light that shines over yonder

however free of shades I may be

their ghosts still cling to me

Scars carved into my soul

filled with water to flow

into the great sea

where I needed to be

at night they will glow


lead me to places that only I know

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Whispers from the Sea Tanzelle Oberholster Storm Nature Finding Yourself Survivor Rebirth Transform Willpower Warrior Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

Picture: @ Pixabay Free Images

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