What Is Music to a Fish's Ears?

Article Summary Snap Crackle and Pop! An update on more coral restoration strategies, see the previous post on this topic here! Playing sounds of healthy coral reefs attracts fish to degraded areas to assist with reef recovery Why Is This Important? Fish play important ecological roles in reef, such as cleaning and recycling of nutrients […]

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Nature Conservation: Coral Reef Restoration with 3D printing!

Article Summary Global temperature rises in the ocean cause coral reefs to expel their symbiotic algae, which give them nourishment. Afterwards they bleach, starve and die 50% of global coral reefs have expired Conservationists from Mote and other institutions are planting out lab-grown and naturally genetically resistant/robust corals between remnants of remaining reefs. These grow, […]

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Whale Song – Short Poem

Deep within the echoes of the blue Rings a melody strong and true Alight with harmonisations, and tonal hues Bellowing its chorus from the sea Others do not believe the creature that it chose to be A spiritual nomad, a wandered and one who is free I hear its song of long journeys from the […]

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Whispers from the Sea – Poem

Shouting into the storm Swallowed by my fury Spilling onto the floor All I was no more How can you tell where the pieces have fell lost between the cracks there is no turning back The sound of waves crashing clear as I leap into my fears a plunge into the deep into every essence […]

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