Nature Conservation: Coral Reef Restoration with 3D printing!

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Article Summary

  • Global temperature rises in the ocean cause coral reefs to expel their symbiotic algae, which give them nourishment. Afterwards they bleach, starve and die
  • 50% of global coral reefs have expired
  • Conservationists from Mote and other institutions are planting out lab-grown and naturally genetically resistant/robust corals between remnants of remaining reefs. These grow, expand and will reproduce in order to carry their resilience genes to the next generation
  • A microfragmentation technique allows even slow growing corals to reach maturity in a few months and has shown a transplantation survival rate of 80%
  • Other strategies include protection of already resilient coral reefs, coral breeding, sustainable fishing as well as educating the tourism industry and local communities about coral conservation
Restoring a reef: A new hope for corals

Why Is This Important?

  • Coral reef restoration is important since these natural resources provide food, tourism income and protection from ocean storms for million of coastal living people
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Corals: Save Our Species Infographic

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