A Tree Reborn – Short Poem

Circular cracks show on its map Its rivers do not flow, only dried up sap Mountains rise up and its structure still sure However, the dying giant has no cure Grey, empty, hollowed out Water it cannot go without It gains new life on a lonely night when by lightning strike it is set alight […]

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Hoarder of Average – Drabble

Too often do we limit ourselves. Restricting ideas, conversations and acts through imaginary constructs of what is deemed appropriate, correct or normal. What is normal? Who is the authoritative figure on that definition? Statisticians would argue that normal is average (i.e., mean, mode and median). The x% of the bell curve. However, it’s impossible to […]

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Chasing Expectations – Drabble

Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn’t produce. Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 – 1519 We are occupied with the fulfilment of goals and plans. These are healthy and give us purpose, but the expectation of their outcome leaves them unsatisfactory when finally completed. My advice will be […]

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The Code of Life – Short Poem

A, C, G, T what will the next one in the sequence be? A double helix twisted round How many base pairs can you count? Genetic information must be read right else the organism may succumb to blight Cellular mechanisms and protein tricks ensures that all the bases sticks Should something go awry it won’t […]

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The Flow – Short Poem

I do try to make my writing flow, when the words fall upon the page just so each with clear cadence and brings a certain iridescence A poem isn’t a necessary feature although the rhymes to tend do become their own creature The words spill from my pen to hopefully instill some zen Wishing that my […]

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Whale Song – Short Poem

Deep within the echoes of the blue Rings a melody strong and true Alight with harmonisations, and tonal hues Bellowing its chorus from the sea Others do not believe the creature that it chose to be A spiritual nomad, a wandered and one who is free I hear its song of long journeys from the […]

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