Chasing Expectations – Drabble

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Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn’t produce.

Leonardo da Vinci,

1452 – 1519

We are occupied with the fulfilment of goals and plans.

These are healthy and give us purpose, but the expectation of their outcome leaves them unsatisfactory when finally completed.

My advice will be to adjust your expectations of people, events and results.

Disproportionate ego drives expectation and is the instigator of dissatisfaction.

“Everything should have standards!”, thus I am mad to suggest otherwise.

Have your standards, but keep them to yourself for yourself, don’t impose them on others, things or results.

It’s a lot simpler to take things in life as they are and make adjustments to your perspectives concurrently.

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Drabble: 100 words

Picture: PublicDomainPictures @ Pixabay

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