Hoarder of Average – Drabble

Hoarder of average, artverse, art-verse.com,

Too often do we limit ourselves.

Restricting ideas, conversations and acts through imaginary constructs of what is deemed appropriate, correct or normal.

What is normal?

Who is the authoritative figure on that definition? Statisticians would argue that normal is average (i.e., mean, mode and median). The x% of the bell curve.

However, it’s impossible to achieve average lives. Our only result is the loss of expression; our lives become colourless as our music, art, writing and concepts become linearized. We simply cannot live in the x% of the bell curve – it doesn’t exist!

…Just like the spoon in the Matrix.

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Drabble: 100 words

Picture: geralt @ Pixabay

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