Castles In The Sky

I don’t believe you, even if I try because you speak only of castles in the sky You may shout and scream but I am not trading my future for your dreams I will leave to start again anew a task long overdue For my freedom and peace is far more precious whereas your castle […]

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The Cat Has Spoken

While practising my typography skills, I had a little conversation with the cat in the photo 😸 Human, what are you doing? Who gave you permission to defile my face? You think this is funny do you? Well, I am NOT amused. I demand you stop this tomfoolery immediately! I do not approve of those […]

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Flying Stalker

You know of the fiend I am taking of here? The one who is impossible to unhear, And opens a flood of swear! Drabble: 25 words © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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Three Lucky Bugs

I have searched near and far To bring you three little lucky bugs in a jar They will bring you good luck and inspiration galore! Keep them with you and know that it is you that I adore! Drabble & Poem: 38 words © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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Your Worth

The words of others are a reflection of them not an evaluation of you © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster Drabble: 14 words

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