The Cat Has Spoken – Drabble

While practising my typography skills, I had a little conversation with the cat in the photo 😸

I am not amused, Cat, typography, multi-tone effect, graphic design, russian cat, chocolate, rainbow, divided, angry, grumpy

Human, what are you doing?

Who gave you permission to defile my face?

You think this is funny do you?

Well, I am NOT amused.

I demand you stop this tomfoolery immediately!

I do not approve of those fairy colours!

Enough, I strongly object with prejudice!

I will be leaving now!

What nonsense.

Picture CC-BY-NC 3.0 – Images are free to use for personal and non-commercial projects given attribution to Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Story © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Drabble: 53 words

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