Vines that Intertwine – Short Poem

Another drabble AND hand coloured image combo! Whee!

drabble, poem, dreams, nightmares, dark secrets, suppression, shadow self, pumpkin, vines, flowers, leaves, artverse, tanzelle oberholster
Vines that Intertwine.
Drabble poem by
Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Vines that intertwine

Twisted vines

have become intertwined,

within the confounds of my mind.

To reveal hidden secrets

in the darkest of its features,

where seeds were sown

that have now grown

into creatures…

© Drabble & Poem by Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

(A drabbling poem, a poemy drabble? A drabblous poeming? 🤣)

31 words

The uncoloured image is available from the Fantomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge book by Kerby Rosanes.

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