Castles In The Sky

I don’t believe you, even if I try because you speak only of castles in the sky You may shout and scream but I am not trading my future for your dreams I will leave to start again anew a task long overdue For my freedom and peace is far more precious whereas your castle […]

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Flying Stalker

You know of the fiend I am taking of here? The one who is impossible to unhear, And opens a flood of swear! Drabble: 25 words © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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The Four Elements

I am a child of the earth I sing with the wind I dance with the flame I cry with the rain The sun guides me by day and the moon by night I listen to the universe and I find my own path in life Drabble & Poem: 48 words © Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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Curious Snippets: English I Fancy

While cleaning out old keepsakes a found a few paper snippets describing the wonderfully colourful language that is English. Unfortunately, after trying to find the original Author of today’s snippet I ran into several other versions of this poem (mainly with the title “Why English is so Hard to Learn”) contributed to unknown writers from […]

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The Flow

I do try to make my writing flow, when the words fall upon the page just so each with clear cadence and brings a certain iridescence A poem isn’t a necessary feature although the rhymes to tend do become their own creature The words spill from my pen to hopefully instill some zen Wishing that my […]

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