Poetry ~ Too Much (Friday Funnies) by Sue Viseth

Weirdos Unite!

This is my first attempt at a reblog, so after reading up on some Reblogging Etiquette I am adding a few extra lines in here:

This is wonderful little poem by Sue Viseth over at An Artist’s Path, one I can really relate to and hence decided to share 🙂 Please make sure to pop over to her site too!

I also created a different Author i.e. ‘Reblogged Content’ to distinguish between my content, guest bloggers and the reblogged bloggers content LOL!

An Artist’s Path

They said she was
wacky and a bit
“too much”
too cheerful,
too silly,
too animated,
too wound up.
She was
a dreamer,
an artist,
a writer,
a poet,
a mystic.
But try
as they might
they could not
dim her light.
Now she haunts
the blogosphere
where weirdos unite!

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