Dragon Spirit – Short Poem

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The Dragon raises its head from slumbers deep

against those who seek

to destroy its inner keep

Many a battle it has fought before

drawing upon the power within its glowing core

it will allow this transgression no more!

Sometimes fire is the only measure

against those who would steal your crafted treasures

do not allow them any such pleasure!

Claws, teeth and blood

the Dragon wields its magic to flood

all the darkness from its kingdom

to regain its rightful freedom

The sounds of battle echoes on

as this war rages long

still the Dragon remains strong

this fight is surely won

Finally the last of the beasts flee

but the Dragon is not filled with glee

as it knows that the battle’s cost

is not only paid by those who have lost

Now the wounded land can heal

yet only to reveal

that the Dragon is not truly real

as it was you who survived this ordeal.

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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