A Hidden Place – Short Poem

I have decided to try something new for this year. So here is my first drabble AND hand coloured image combo! LOL! A Hidden place A hidden place, in another time and space. It will only set you free, once you have found the key! © Drabble & Poem by Dr Tanzelle Oberholster (A drabbling […]

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Free Mood Boards: Butterfly Theme

For this edition we have a flutterby theme of 3 free Mood Boards for your Desktop or Smartphone! For a more in-depth look at mood boards, please see Free Mood Board: Dahlia Pink & Yellow Graphic Design Resources. Other Free Mood Boards include: Cacti Spirals, Mandala Dragonfly, Sunset Dreamcatcher, Flower Data Art, Horses, Duotone Graphic […]

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What Is Music to a Fish's Ears?

Article Summary Snap Crackle and Pop! An update on more coral restoration strategies, see the previous post on this topic here! Playing sounds of healthy coral reefs attracts fish to degraded areas to assist with reef recovery Why Is This Important? Fish play important ecological roles in reef, such as cleaning and recycling of nutrients […]

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