PhDs and Tax?

I have a PhD and I can code in 3 different programming languages… but for the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on with tax rules and regulations…

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Little Moon Flower so Blue

As I went for a dream walk, I found a little moon flower on a stalk, I stopped by this little flower for a bit of a talk. “How do you do?, Little moon flower so blue, Can I tell you a secret long overdue?” “Oh, little moon flower I have been so bold, As […]

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Hoarder of Average

Too often do we limit ourselves. Restricting ideas, conversations and acts through imaginary constructs of what is deemed appropriate, correct or normal. What is normal? Who is the authoritative figure on that definition? Statisticians would argue that normal is average (i.e., mean, mode and median). The x% of the bell curve. However, it’s impossible to […]

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Chasing Expectations

Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn’t produce. Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 – 1519 We are occupied with the fulfilment of goals and plans. These are healthy and give us purpose, but the expectation of their outcome leaves them unsatisfactory when finally completed. My advice will be […]

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Seeing is Believing

The golden rule of science: provide the evidence, proof, data or results. Do not take anything at face value. However, when clinging too rigidly to such a statement, do we not become fools ourselves? Does it not become a religion in its own right? A fanatical belief that nothing can be true nor exist without […]

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A Cat’s Point of View

From behind these yellow eyes I watch humans chase after lies Back & forth you rush for days All in your futile little rat-race You are constantly filled with rage, since you have not found the keys to your cage But true freedom can only grace those who look beyond another’s face How much more […]

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