Your Life, Your Path, Your Choice – Poem

Your Life, Your Path, Your Choice, artverse,, poem, woman,

I do not demand time from you

I do not claim to know what is best for you

But, from my journeys: I can say that

Your life is of your choosing alone

Not to be copied from another, like a mere clone

No manner of people or events are responsible

for the path you walk, impossible!

Only you are held accountable

and should learn to approach experiences, surmountable!

No one must save you

No one should have to

be your own hero

and learn to start from zero

Strength and character come

from trying and coming undone

Put back the pieces

and seam together your inner riches

Go with great spirit, humility and kindness

enjoy the journey of self-discovery

become lost, create yourself


let no one tell you who you ought to become

you do not need their approval

you already know what you have won

So whether you go by land, sky or sea

choose and be free!

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving Lao Tzu MindFrameShift Tanzelle Oberholster andDNAsci.wordpress

Picture Reference: jplenio @ Pixabay Free Images

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