Little Moon Flower so Blue – Short Poem

Moon Flower, artverse,, poem,

As I went for a dream walk,

I found a little moon flower on a stalk,

I stopped by this little flower for a bit of a talk.

“How do you do?,

Little moon flower so blue,

Can I tell you a secret long overdue?”

“Oh, little moon flower I have been so bold,

As to not do what I am told,

Since I have let go of conventions so old.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so pleased,

by these new seeds of relief,

as they all still cling to misbegotten beliefs.

In things that were always lies,

its only aim is to despise,

and to make us chase after a false prize.

But little flower so blue,

You and I know what is true,

That life can take on many hues.

Hold on to your dreams so tight,

and nourish them with all your might,

let them shine bright,

especially during the darkest night,

when there isn’t even moonlight,

and may they bring you happiness and delight.

Goodbye little moon flower, my passing friend,

with whom I have shared my present,

I know that we will see each other again.”

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Moon, Flower, MindFrameShift,, Tanzelle Oberholster, convention, conditioning, breaking out, life, new, let go, release, relief, perspectives, lies, truth, living, freedom, choice, choose, old, bold, doing what your told, secret, false, dreams, happiness, fate, destiny, free will

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