Types of Nebulae Infographic: NASA content

Deep dark space contains spectacles all over the place!

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Types of Nebulae, NASA content. aRtVerse Infographic

I have always loved space and the awe inspiring photos of far away galaxies and magical nebula. This infographic was created with both photos and content from NASA’s extensive online public library!

Types of Nebulae, NASA content. aRtVerse Infographic – High Res Image Free Download Here!

Infographic Content

Figure 1, Emission Nebula: The Tarantula Nebula with 2400 massive starts at its centre produces intense radiation and powerful winds as the stars blow off material, which can be seen as infrared emission.

Figure 2, Dark Nebula: Dobashi 4173 has incredibly dense clouds of pitch-dark material that obscure the patches of sky behind it, seemingly creating great rips and eerily empty chunks of black sky.

Figure 3, Planetary Nebula: The Dumbbell Nebula, also known as Messier 27, pumps out infrared light. Planetary nebulae are now known to be the remains of stars that once looked a lot like our solar system’s sun.

Figure 4, Reflection Nebula: Hazy clouds that float above and below the young star IRAS 12196-6300 are created when light from a star reflects off a high concentration of nearby dust, such as the dusty material that remains from its initial formation.

Figure 5, Supernova Nebula: The CTB1 supernova remnant resembles a ghostly bubble. The image data clearly reveals the straight and glowing trail from pulsar J0002+6216 and the curved rim of the remnant’s shell.


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