BeYOUtiful FrangiToucani – Short Poem

Photography, Beautiful, Toucan, Frangipani, Bird, Flora, Flower, Floral, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Nature, Black, Office, Animal, Work, Modern, Soft, artverse
Beyoutiful Frangitoucani | Beautiful Frangipani Double Exposure Toucan Typography

Deep in a tropical jungle school

Is a Professor who acts like a fool

“Be-you-ti-ful!” he would call

To any new student who would come to sit in his hall

He teaches a class on compassion and kindness

“Beyoutiful are each of you and that is the only lesson for true happiness”

His students learn about self acceptance and authentic living

Gifts from the heart that’ll serve them well

Ones that they’ll also carry on giving

To others and for anyone else they could tell

Stories of their Professor Toucan with Frangipani flowers on his head

A legacy that we all should try to leave in our stead

A double exposure photograph of a toucan and frangipani flowers on a pale pink purple background with typography and the word “BeYOUtiful”.

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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