Chaos & Order – Short Poem

Another drabble AND hand-coloured image from my own colouring book! CHaos and Order Chaos and Order have a delicate dance. One the surest path to death; the other an instigator for life. Yet when both are given a change. The universe celebrates their romance. © Drabble & Poem by Dr Tanzelle Oberholster 31 words The […]

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Vines that Intertwine – Short Poem

Another drabble AND hand coloured image combo! Whee! Vines that intertwine Twisted vines have become intertwined, within the confounds of my mind. To reveal hidden secrets in the darkest of its features, where seeds were sown that have now grown into creatures… © Drabble & Poem by Dr Tanzelle Oberholster (A drabbling poem, a poemy […]

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Floor 29 – Short Story

Why am I here?, I wondered as I stood in the lobby of an unfamiliar building. I succinctly remember being here for a specific purpose, however that purpose seems to have eluded me now. A gentleman complimented me on my necklace, “Thanks”, I said, “Its snowflake obsidian” as I presented the little shining pebble. I […]

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Chasing Expectations – Drabble

Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn’t produce. Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 – 1519 We are occupied with the fulfilment of goals and plans. These are healthy and give us purpose, but the expectation of their outcome leaves them unsatisfactory when finally completed. My advice will be […]

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