The Bodiless – Short Poem

The Bodiless, aRtVerse,, Dr Tanzelle Oberholster, ethereal, spirit, ghost, metaphysical, poem, poetry

What if you had no physical form?

No body to call your own?

You simply existed in incorporeal form.

When you cannot be seen,

how would you let others know of your being?

Do you scream until your voice is no longer heard


do you make yourself known through a certain sense of intuition that is only felt?

Soon you’ve learned to pluck the strings that bind,

where time, space and place you can unwind.

Guiding those who yearn for more

on paths of self-discovery to their core.

Then you know that the bodiless has become the only norm.

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

Drabble: 100 words

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