Writing Journal of a Scientist: Whose Drabble Is It Anyway?

Whose Drabble is it anyway? Tanzelle Oberholster aRtVerse art-verse.com

A fitting lighthearted post to start the new year. A drabble is a 100-word writing piece, which explains a concept fully. So, for my own amusement I decided to take up the challenge, maybe even dabble in a bit of drabble more regularly on this blog. Drabbling is quite appealing to me, because I think that we take ourselves far too seriously at times, trying to communicate ideas over tediously long-winded articles. Perhaps we should remain focused on the matter at hand, only relying on the concept itself in order to fully preserve the essence of our message, and cause.

(words: 100)

PS: WordPress doesn’t even recognise Drabble as an actual word! My First Blog Post (A Writing Sample from the Journal of a Scientists) was just short (or long) of being a Drabble as well, only 25 words over the limit!

Shout-Out: ‘Whose Drabble Is It Anyway?’ was inspired by The Drabble

Drabble, anddnasci.wordpress.com, Tanzelle Oberholster, Wikipedia

© Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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