Mathematical Art Colouring Challenge Book Series

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I have been fascinated with the process of making art with data and mathematical algorithms. It is amazing to see how a set of mathematical parameter can generate intricate patterns both symmetrical and abstract. It is almost a journey through how mathematics can construct beauty and I love watching how it ‘builds’ these art pieces in layers as you add complexity to it.

You can read my introductory post on Math Art with Phyllotaxis, followed by Asteroid Impacts, Mandala Dragonflies, Data Dreamcatchers, Rose Curves and Maurer Roses!

I have plenty of self-coded algorithms that can generate a multitude of different geometrical shapes and strange forms, some recognisable in nature and others alien like! Alas, not all of these have been suitable as T-shirt designs, where I enjoy adding graphic design elements along with my mathematical art. I had been wondering how to reuse some of the outputs from these code snippets, especially in a way that shows off all the various patterns that one algorithm can design. Thus, my endeavours into generative art has inspired me to create a series of colouring books based on my experiments!

Data & Math Art Series

I have self-published the colouring books on Amazon KDP. Each book includes 50 geometric shapes, either symmetrical or abstract – all on their own pages. All the algorithms are based on some sort of underlying polygon construct and thus they ‘grow’ with complexity through additional points/angles (i.e., triangle (3), square (4), pentagon (5), hexagon (6) etc.). Their patterns are laid down in circles, such that the first layer is in the centre of the image, the next is added around the centre and the next around the second and so on until you can have anything from 3 – 20+ circular layers!

I have designed these books to be a collection of the best patterns generated by my algorithms when I use different parameters to create the art pieces. Additionally, I organising the images in the book that they have simpler patterns initially and move to more challenging patterns as you progress through the books.

I have created three books so far and I am planned on publishing more – all of which are available on Amazon KDP. There are a few selected ones available on TakeALot for South African buyers as TakeALot is one of Amazon’s third party distributors.

Book 1: Kaleidoscope Mandalas

I do believe that these mandalas where some of the first generative art pieces that I coded. They also feature prominently in some of my T-Shirt designs, such as the Dragonfly designs and other animals.

Book 2: Maurer Rose Abstraction

I created the code completely from scratch for these guys literally starting from the mathematical formula! Some of my Dreamcatcher T-Shirt designs include a single Maurer Rose form the collection.

Book 2: HarmonoGram Pendulums

These guys have such a large and interesting variation of designs! I have only featured 3 of these on ‘Multiverse’ T-Shirt designs with additional graphic design elements included.

There are more books to come!

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