Sunset Dreamcatcher Data Art & Free Mood Board

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For the last year or so I have been investigating ways in which to create art from mathematical formula and data algorithms. I started off with simple golden spirals and got hooked on how to code and generate other types of artsy visuals using data. Check out my Phyllotatic Spirals and Mandala Dragonflies!

It has been captivating to see how mathematical formulas and some creative plotting can generate some of the most interesting, beautiful and unusual geometric shapes.

Not to mention all the practice I get in various ways of coding, data analysis and visualization techniques! So here is another showcase of some of the shapes I have generated and how I have put them together to create something unique! #DataScienceRocks 😁

Dream Catcher | Sunset Blue Red Yellow (Black)

This is one of my designs inspired by the mystery and magic of dream catchers. This is a Data Catcher created with randomly generated data in R studio using Chord diagrams for the main body and beads, as well as Branching dendograms for the feathers. The colours were generated in the Plasma colour palette in ggplot2; perceptually uniform shades of blue red yellow. All of this is placed on a black background to make the design glow.

Several dream catcher designs and various colour versions are available!

The Design In Action!

  • Dream Catcher | Sunset Blue Red Yellow (Black) Design Pillow, aRtVerse, Teepublic
  • Dream Catcher | Sunset Blue Red Yellow (White) Design Phonecase, artverse, teepublic
  • Dream Catcher | Sunset Blue Red Yellow (Black) Design Tote, artverse, teepublic

Featured Products

The Design Mood Board

Mood boards are color palettes generated from images, such as a seascape photo or flower artwork, for design inspiration and coordinated themes.

For a more in-depth look at mood boards, please see Free Mood Board: Dahlia Pink & Yellow Graphic Design Resources.

More mood boards from Mind Frame Shift will be made available on Pinterest for your design inspiration! You can find the Pinterest Board Here!

Sunset Dreamcatcher aRtVerse Mood Board, teepublic


CC-BY-NC 3.0 – Images are free to use for personal and non-commercial projects given attribution to Dr Tanzelle Oberholster

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artverse, data science, data analytics, R programming, dreamcatchers, data nerd, teepublic, fashion
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